OnRoute to Wealth

Angel Investing with Mina Black

January 14, 2022 Kristy Runzer Season 1 Episode 32
OnRoute to Wealth
Angel Investing with Mina Black
Show Notes

Sometimes all you need to fast track your success is someone in your corner investing in your business. In this episode I speak with Mina Black, a financial advisor and angel investor about the need to expand the financial sector to more people. Mina talks about her childhood growing up in Ghana, why she became an angel investor, and why growing wealth, and teaching others to do the same is so important to her.

Growing up in a small village in Ghana, Mina did not even know what was possible for her. Fast forward she moves to America, became a trained and licensed Financial Advisor to very wealthy people, and discovered their world of Untapped Wealth. She now uses that knowledge to start multiple businesses and become an angel investor in order to help others do the same.

In this episode, we talk about:
- Mina's experience moving to America and how it affected her relationship with money
- How she got into angel investing
- Why investing in underserved communities is so important

and so much more!

You can find Mina here: